UZG is a top down shooter made in Unity. My aim for this project was to create something outside of university assignments and to learn various small bits of polish I can use in future projects. My main aim with this project was to create a working finished game. Since a lot of my university assignments were proofs of concept usually looking at one particular aspect, I wanted to create an all round finished product.


My personal highlight was getting a working active reload system for players to use to reload slightly quicker. It was fairly simple to implement but quite satisfying once implemented.


Through this project, I tried to keep accountability through Github and made sure to be making adequate commit messages despite being a solo project. This project also helped me learn a bit more in depth workflow for a rapidly expanding Unity project.

UZG logo.png


  • Main Menu

  • Options Menu

  • Gameplay

  • Camera shake

  • Unlocking areas

  • Buying weapons

  • Damage Vignette

  • Game Over screen

  • Extraction wave

  • Various weapons

  • Win screen

  • Active reload

Asset Credits

The talented people behind the assets

UZG would not look even half as good without the amazing free assets made by these talented and generous content creators online.


Player character and animations

Kay Lousberg

UI Bullets and guns


Building and furniture sprites


Muzzle flash sprites


Explosion sprites


Truck sprite


Helicopter sprites




Sound fx


Sound fx


Sound fx

Vladislav Krotov

Sound fx